paque ruby. Smoky black plum, earth and brown sugar on the nose, along with a hint of blackberry liqueur and mint. Sweet fruit, concentrated and yet refreshing, with an attractive note of dark berries and chocolate with lingering acidity. Finishes strong with pronounced tannins. This comes from an organically farmed, single vineyard in Chieti located less than half a mile from the Adriatic Sea. 2017 will be remembered for record-breaking high temperatures and the worst winter snowstorm in more than a century. These storms pushed budbreak back two weeks from the norm. Coupled with the eventual ‘lucifer-like’ heat it made for an early harvest. The berries had really nice phenolic ripeness though, even with the heat stress. Helping this was zero rain June-August for fungal issues.

Montepulciano D'Abruzzo, Samael, Poggio Anima, 2018 Italy, Abruzzo