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Vinothec Social is an Independant, Artisan Pizza Maker, Wine Bar, Cocktail Bar & Wine Merchant & cafe in the Heart of Lewisham Community 

Vinothec Social Wine

Lewisham local

Enthusiatic wine merchant and wine bar in heart of Lewisham. The wine list, put together by Arnaud Compas founder of Vinothec Social and previously Wine Advocate Robert Parker, reflects wines from regions around the world, selected above all else to be delicious. Our wines are available to take home or enjoy in our beautiful wine bar.

Click & collect service during Lockdown II.

Vinothec Social Pizza

Lewisham local

Vinothec Social  serves slow proved Neapolitan pizza.  All of our dough is made fresh daily and we source the best ingredients in order to bring you the best possible pizza.  We have started to combine Neopolitan influence with New York classic. As  Enzzo Coccina will tell you – its all about the crust.


Being Italian I have quite high standards for pizza, wine, and coffee. I can confidently say that Vinotech Social delivers in all three of them, without any doubts! What a great place, with fantastic atmosphere too, and attentive and caring staff.  Alberto


Wine Tasting Online 

Vinothec Social has  restocked with new goodies. The focus is either on super classics as well as entry level emerging market exciting wines. 

We are launching a zoom wine tasting at the end of January. 6 flasks of 100ml of wines, £35 and a wine tasting date with it. All sent to you 2 days prior the tasting. If you interested, email Arnaud.

Arnaud Compas

Deliveroo by Vinothec Social

Our New Delivery Partner 

After a year long quest, between having to convinced for the hygiene officer to visit us, the constant stop and go due to two lockdowns and the onboarding of  Deliveroo,  we have finally managed to get on the platform. All our menu is available as well of our wines too. We are super happy to have them as partner.



New Deli Counter

We have packed our display fridges with fresh goodies! The last few months we have realised that lots of our customers have been asking for dough and topping to make and cook their pizza at home. So well, we have embraced the idea, and made available from this week a selection of our cheeses, charcuteries, toppings, dough, and more deli goodies. If you come up with a new recipe, why not sharing with us. 

Kishore Triphati

La grande Table at Vinothec Social


Vinothec Social

 Vinothec Social is a sophisticated, yet lively and fun new pizza and wine bar and it’s located right beside our Fizzy development!

The bar boasts an extensive and unique range of wines, beers, and spirits, all carefully selected by its founders. We had a chat with one of the co-founders, Arnaud, and gathered a great insight into the inspiration that brought Vinothec to life. Here's what he had to say:  fizzy blog interview